+ Will someone teach me how to throw the axe?

Yes! Axperts are ready on site to give you instructions on how to throw and provide guidance along the way.

+ Is Axe Throwing Safe?

Yes. Throwing axes is similar to other target sports. Provided that participants follow the instructions and safety rules explained by our staff and use common sense, throwing an axe is safe. Our experienced and highly trained staff (Axeperts) are in the throwing arena with you at all times and monitor your throws for safety and guide you through the entire process. Only participants that have gone through our safety course are allowed to enter the throwing arena. There is no passing of axes between players and players must follow specific instructions from their Axepert.

+ What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes and close toed shoes. You will not be permitted to participate if you are wearing open toed shoes.

+ How old do you have to be to axe throw?

14+ (under 14 not allowed)

+ Is there a max group size?

Never! If you have over 6 people, just reserve multiple lanes and feel free to contact us for more information regarding larger parties.